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Celebrant ceremonies

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    Celebrant ceremonies

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Celebrate your wedding with a Celebrant ceremony

I will support you throughout the planning. Choose from a Christian or Humanist service or even combine the two styles

"a celebrant wedding service offers you and your family a personal day and can involve all the family"

Did you know?

The sayings "tying the knot" and "bound in matrimony" come from the ancient practice of Hand Fasting. Hand Fasting was used in Scotland and other Celtic counties.

Any material can be used for hand tying usually ribbon but some couples like to use cord to signify the strength of their love. Different coloured ribbons can be used and signify different things.

  • Blue

    Sincerity, peace and honesty

  • Green

    Financial and physical health

  • Gold

    Unity and energy

  • Red


  • Yellow


  • Purple


  • White


I will work with you to plan a service that is unique and special to you. From choosing a location to visiting you in the comfort of your own home through to planning the occasion, I can help you create a day to remember on this extra special occassion

As part of the service, you can encourage guests including friends and family to take part in the ceremony, providing a greater sense of personality to the day

Choose music and readings that have a special meaning to you and your partner, friends and family. The service can even consist of a traditional Christian or Humanist ceremony or combination of the two to reflect your personal tastes

In the middle ages a couple seen holding hands were accepted as an exclusive couple, much like being engaged today. It signified a couples' public commitment to each other. Rings were only used by rich couples. During the marriage service a couples' right hands were joined together and sometimes the cord was not removed until after the marriage was consummated.

  • A service a unique as you

  • Encourage your friends and family to take part

  • Free home planning service

  • Choose a full Christian, Humanist or a combination

Ceremony Price*


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*for Weddings or Civil Partnerships you will need to either go to the Register Office before or after the ceremony to obtain your Wedding or Civil Partnership Licence, or arrange for the Registrar to attend the ceremony. If you want the Registrar at the ceremony the venue has to be licenced for marriages

My Wedding services include

  • Conducting the Service

    Price includes conducting the service at a location of your choice

  • Wedding Rehersal

    Pre-wedding rehearsal to ensure everything goes smoothly on your big day

  • Upto 3 Planning Sessions

    Includes upto 3 planning sessions within a 50 mile radius of Sheerness, Kent